Welcome to the DESI Data Model!

The DESI Data Tree

These pages define the directory structure and file formats for DESI data products relative to a root directory DESI_ROOT. Each data release has its own DESI_ROOT, e.g. the Early Data Release at https://data.desi.lbl.gov/public/edr.

Data Directories

Directories under DESI_ROOT:

The following directories are more expert-level (e.g. pipeline calibration inputs) and are documented for DESI collaboration internal use and may not be included in data releases:

Other information

Bitmask definitions and environment variables used by the DESI data pipelines:

Imaging data and their catalogs are documented separately by the Legacy Survey.

The desidatamodel package on GitHub includes the data model input files and some Python utility code for generating and checking data model files. These links will be useful for developers:


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